Stand up amid the Chaos

People with no legs having to prove they’re disabled
Others turn a blind eye to what they can see
Those with the power to impose their will
Upon the poor people like you and like me.

It’s cruel by any standards against those so weak
To be ridiculed and shamed; evil and extreme
To prosper again without fear or foreboding
Without persecution is everyone’s dream.

If the disabled were free from contempt and from scorn
And able to sing part of society’s song
We would live all as one in harmony and hope
Far from the ones who do us most wrong.

Those who profit from misery and suffering
Those who are corrupted by money and fame
Will live in the shadows of eternal damnation
While others will hide with guilt and with shame.

We must stand apart from those we distrust
But support the ones who need us the most
Stand up amid the chaos of domination and greed
For only great shame will be theirs to boast.