The One Thing They Haven’t Got

Stores bulging with goods upon the shelves
And displays upon the floor
Packets and boxes of various goods
Who could ask for more !

Everything in every shape
Be it triangular, round or square
But the one thing you want, they haven’t got
You won’t find it anywhere.

The one thing you want is being made
In a factory in Taiwan
Or currently on the M62
In some overloaded van.

They will tell you any story
Any bewildering excuse
But sure as hell whatever you need
Cannot be put to use.

You’ve got all the other bits
From taking things apart
Salvaged from previous projects
And former works of art.

You’ve ripped apart the thing you built
The job which you’ve just done
To find a certain screw, Although you need two
But you only found the one.

But now your work is nearly done
Everything has been sought
But the one thing you need to make it complete
Is the one thing they haven’t got !


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