The Way of the System

This was written while I was staying for a week inside a Residential Care Home. It was not a comforting experience !

Put them down
and keep them low
Take away all things
which they know
Tamper with wheelchairs
and make them go slow
For you are now part of the System.

Don’t get them up
leave them in bed
We’ll just ensure
they’re watered and fed
And leave them there
until they are dead
That is the way of the System.

Come in for respite
Enjoy your stay
You’ll be bored
All of the day
You’ll be begging to be taken away
From the Regime of the System.

Why should we care
We don’t give a toss
As long as we make money
And don’t make a loss
When you come here
We’ll show you who’s boss
For this is the way of the System.

Leave them for an hour
Upon the old loo
That’s what we are told
That we should do
If you call us
We won’t answer you
You will have to wait for the System

Old men who were heroes
And women so kind
Trapped in infirmity
Here you will find
All slowly going
Out of their mind
Living under the System.

Staff may come
And staff may go
There are things
Which only they know
Records of such
They never will show
The secrets of the System.

Anything you hear
With your own ears
We don’t care
If it brings on the tears
You’ll be unhappy
For the rest of your years
For you will die in the System.

Copyright © Ian m Allan 2017


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