Disability Cuts are Crippling Me

Many years ago in a far off land there were rulers who were very rich. They weren’t quite as rich as they had been because the bankers had been careless with all the money which they looked after. Some bankers even took massive gambles which were against the law of that land. As a result of this, the land became very poor and the rulers discovered that they had very little money left. Ordinary people who were beginning to struggle and suffer as a result spent a long time wondering why the bankers who had caused all this, were not punished.
After a long time passed, The Chancellor of the Exchequer, whose job it was to spend the ruler’s money wisely, decided to have a budget. A budget was an opportunity to take money from the rich people and give it to the poor people who really needed it to live. Everybody in the land was happy; people rejoiced at the thought that the poor, sick and disabled people would get more help and the evil bankers who had caused this situation would be punished. They hoped that the rich people, some of whom were very very rich, would have to pay to help the poor, sick and disabled people of that land. . On the day of the budget there was great joy. People in that land expected that the evil bankers to be severely punished. The ruler had said that he wanted to restore fairness to an unfair system. This pleased everybody except the evil bankers. But then the strangest and most unexpected thing happened which astonished all the people of that land. The Chancellor decided that the evil bankers should be allowed to keep more of the money which they were supposed to be looking after. The evil bankers were then allowed to keep a lot of the money they were supposed to be looking after. This extra money was called ‘bonuses’. The evil bankers devised a plan where the more money they lost –the higher their bonuses would be!
The Chancellor thought that the bonus plan was bad and evil, but he didn’t want all the bankers to leave the land and go to other lands (How should I know???!!!) So he rewarded them by allowing them to keep their bonuses. He even decided that rich people should pay less of their money in tax. This caused a big problem in the land. The Bankers and rich people were now getting more money. Where would the rulers get their money from? The Government pondered this problem for a long time. Nobody knew where they could get more money. Somebody suggested ‘Quantitative Easing’ but the rulers decided on another dastardly plan! What could this plan be? Or as the rulers had said, “We don’t have a plan A or a plan B!! Nobody in that land had expected to come up with such an evil plan. At the same time as rewarding the rich, they would take money away from the poor and disabled people in that land. As if that was not evil enough, the rulers decided to fine people for having a spare bedroom. The evil rulers laughed at their cunning plan; they thought it was ingenious!
The ruler thought it was fair to take money from the benefit scroungers and people who didn’t really need the money. He thought it was fair to allow the rich people to keep more of their earnings by paying less tax. He didn’t like the bankers but he didn’t want to stop them from becoming even richer, and that was not fair.
The big mistake he made was thinking that the disabled and the benefit cheats were the same thing. The rich became richer while the disabled began to feel persecuted and resented. Disability hate crime increased and some disabled people committed suicide.
This is not a fairy-tale bed-time story; it’s a real living nightmare!!

Copyright © Ian m Allan 2017


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