High Noon in Eastbourne (part 2)


It came as a shock to discover that the monsoon season in Eastbourne fell upon the exact same week that we chose to stay there. There is nothing quite like a bracing gale force wind to send you upon your way. ‘Invigorating’ is perhaps not the first word that jumped into my mind as I descended the Hotel’s winding paved ramp down to a drenched terra firma.

Why would anybody want to trek all the way to sun-soaked Mauritius when it is twice as expensive to stay in pouring rain on a chilly day in flooded Eastbourne.  I was aghast to see that there were quite a few swimmers pitching and tossing in the waves which roared in from the English Channel ; presumably the thinking being that they were going to get wet anyway so why not do it in style.

After trundling along the pier to see if…

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