High Noon in Eastbourne (part 2)

It came as a shock to discover that the monsoon season in Eastbourne fell upon the exact same week that we chose to stay there. There is nothing quite like a bracing gale force wind to send you upon your way. ‘Invigorating’ is perhaps not the first word that jumped into my mind as I descended the Hotel’s winding paved ramp down to a drenched terra firma.

Why would anybody want to trek all the way to sun-soaked Mauritius when it is twice as expensive to stay in pouring rain on a chilly day in flooded Eastbourne.  I was aghast to see that there were quite a few swimmers pitching and tossing in the waves which roared in from the English Channel ; presumably the thinking being that they were going to get wet anyway so why not do it in style.

After trundling along the pier to see if we could make it to the far end and back without calling out the Coastguard we made our way along undulating paving towards the town centre.  The dropped kerb situation in the town is very impressive whereas in comparison the other pavements previously encountered could perhaps be described as ‘Extreme Off-Roading’. The roads themselves are safer than the pavements notwithstanding the downside of having 20 ton lorries bearing down on you making the near death experience more interesting.

Another by-product of turbo-charged wheel-chairing is the realisation that not all areas are as accessible as they should be. It is all very well thinking ‘Have Wheelchair- Will Travel’ but the practicalities are often somewhat different. Busy and bustling shops often build displays right in the middle of what you anticipated would be a right of way. I have become adept at manoeuvring around these obstacles with such skill that I often do it at speed and see a quivering sales-assistant visibly unnerved.

While in Eastbourne I like to do some photography which usually is fine but with the inclement weather, this too proved to be challenging.  Why would I even bother studying how to produce a complicated yet stunning misty lens effect using neutral density filters when all I had to do was to forget to clean the damp lens ! It’s a no-brainer.


Copyright © IanmAllan 2017



2 thoughts on “High Noon in Eastbourne (part 2)

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